3 Reasons to Consider a Digital/Interactive Annual Report

It’s the end of the year and you are thinking about your upcoming annual report and how best to reflect the Company’s successes and milestones. The numbers can speak for themselves, but when engaging with a variety of audiences from investors, partners, customers, and employees, why not actually have your management team “speak” to them.   

Here are three reasons to consider a digital/interactive annual report:

1. Put a face on the management team and employees

  • When it comes down to investing in a company, you certainly look at their product lines and financials, but you are also investing in the people. Showcasing personalities and passion for the work will go a long way.  

2. Leverage multi-media

  •  Do you have a corporate video, broll, photos, employee testimonials, podcasts…why not use them for your annual report? Seeing employees in action is a great opportunity for outside stakeholders to understand how employees collaborate and interact with each other in the work environment.
  • If you do not have multi-media in-house, you should consider making room for it in your budget for 2011. There are cost-effective ways to commission quality multi-media projects that will have a high impact.

3. Make it interesting, and dare I say, Fun?

  • Pictures and video are great, but it can also come off as “talking heads” or static. Consider putting in something fun such as an interactive photo gallery where the user selects what and how they would like to view.
  • You can also consider something that viewers can manipulate and engage with that could make their viewing experience fun. Our report had a user propelled 360 degree rotating view of one of our flagship products.

Come see how we did it; view Hamilton Thorne’s Interactive 2010 Annual Report! 


Cindy Rodzen

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Director of Marketing Communications, Hamilton Thorne Inc.
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One Response to 3 Reasons to Consider a Digital/Interactive Annual Report

  1. I really like this idea, in particular, “showcasing” some key, behind the scenes employees. While its mandatory to hear from the CEO, I always like to hear what the subject matter experts within a company have to say.