ASRM / IFFS 2013 – Video Poster Presentations

Hamilton Thorne CASA and laser products were featured in many of the poster and oral presentations at the America Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2013 annual meeting, held in Boston from October 13 through 16.

We thank Lani Burkman, Ph.D., and Rachana George, M.D. for taking the time to help us record videos of their poster presentations so we could share it with others.

Dr. Burkman’s poster, “Consistent Predictor of Pregnancy (PREG) and sperm fertilizing potential: Advanced Semen Analysis (ASA) and Hyperactivation (HA) using Clear CASA for local or remote patients,” outlines how computer assisted sperm analysis can be used to predict the fertilizing potential of the man.

Download PDF of the Burkman Poster

Dr. George’s poster, Defining the fertile man with Clear CASA: Capacitation (CAP) and  Hyperactivation (HA), helped in determining the definition of a hyperactivated sperm using the kinematics measurements determined by CASA.

Download PDF of  the George Poster

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